The WMS is designed to run in two modes.

ONLINE Mode: Direct connection to the back-end of WoodPro Insight ERP application and database on a Local Area Network or Wide Area Network or Cloud Platform via hard-wired or wireless connectivity

OFFLINE Mode: Application is run independent of Network or Database connectivity allowing users to process transactions locally on their device using a Microsoft SQL Express (free of charge) database, which then synchronizes automatically or by user request when the devices is reconnected to the network, servers, and database.

WMS Menu

Menu of Applications: A single (like Sales Order Checkouts) or multiple applications, as seen above, are available. The applications allow(s) the device-user to scan or create tags, lots, codes of their choosing using the SCAN option or CHECK-OUT option, which confirms the lots and tags chosen for them by the user. Other options are used depending upon the type of Material being received, dispatched, or issued.

OSB Plywood Panel ProductSawmill

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