Softwood & Hardwood Lumber Software for Sawmills

WoodPro's InSight is designed to enhance the end-to-end operations for any combination of log purchases, sawmills, planer mill, and panel plants for both hardwood and softwood lumber suppliers.

Production Tracking:
Tracks all inventory movements from the original receipts of logs/lumber, through production issues, production receipts, transfers and finished product sales. User defined formula based costing methodologies calculates cost in real time, rather than after the fact at period end.

Inventory Control: Provides a central place for collections and management of items in the item master maintenance, while inventory master location helps you identify and avoid costly inventory shortages and meet demanding production schedules.

Production Order: Generates action recommended production orders based on a combination of Sales Orders demand and Inventory Policy.

Cost Analysis: Calculates costs as lumber moves through your production process, including the assignment of overhead and other cost factors automatically by Item Type.

Waste Tracking: Tracks fall down waste and yield.

Data Collection: Uses data collection devices and barcode printers to tag, label and capture inventory and production movements. Data can be updated electronically from tally machines or handheld data collection devices. Not only does this save time, but errors are also minimized.

Order Entry: The Sales Order application is designed to support the sales process by capturing finished lumber as inventory for sale, through to managing, shipping and updating the final invoice in the accounts receivable module.

Automatic Conversion: Lumber can be converted from one unit to another. This includes logs, pieces, board feet, square feet, metric, cubic meter, package sizes, tally, random length, random width, etc.

Tag & Tally Management: Handles both gross and net tally calculations, pieces and block tally, rescaling and drawdown methodologies, and logs. Five different logs scaling methods are supported (International, Scribner, Doyle, BC/Smalian, and User Defined formula).

Intermodal Freight Transportation: Shipping arrangements that uses multiple types of carriers for truck, rail, and ocean freight transportation can be recorded in the system.