Warehouse Management Features


Standalone personal computer (PC) and ruggedized tablet application for creating and printing Inventory Tags, as well as updating Inventory and Production Orders.

-  Produces tags even if the server or LAN/WAN network is not available, and it automatically synchronizes with back end database when the
    connection is regained
-  Integrates with weigh scales for actual weights or uses standard weight
-  Interfaces with touch screen, keyboard, and mouse for simplified use in any weather
-  Works with any Product Line since users can configure it as needed

quick tag screenshot


PC and ruggedized tablet application for scanning and issuing Tags to Sales Orders, Transfer Orders, Production and Reman Orders using handheld scanner technology.

-  Works with touch screen, keyboard and mouse
-  Prints documents such as BOL and Pick Tickets
-  Works equally well in Shipping and Production environments
-  Mounts on forklifts easily