Lumber & Building Materials Software for Wholesale Distributors

WoodPro InSight handles a variety of softwood, hardwood lumber and building materials software needs. It is an ERP system that helps wholesalers, distributors, retailers, dealers, and office wholesalers manage the flow of real-time information and goods, maximize the value of their position in the supply chain and build stronger customer focused relationships. You are the most important link—the ability to react to changes in your customer’s demand, as well as manage your suppliers is vital for success in today’s dynamic environment.

Below are some features that will enable you to quickly react to those changes, as well as improve your financial and operational efficiency.

Inventory Management: Optimize inventory management and control inventory costs and quantities for all locations with a real-time view of on hand, available, committed, and on order stock including vendor managed inventory. Inventory can be tracked be using tags, lots, lumber tallies, barcodes and universal product codes (UPCs).

Define and generate items for a wide range of lumber and building products including: softwood lumber, hardwood, hardwood laminates, hardware, plywood, panel products, dimensional lumber, logs, poles, pilings, treated wood, engineered wood, pallets, millwork, decking, roofing, siding, fencing, bricks, paint, and specialty wood products. Assign varying levels of description and categories to further classify inventory items and also organize lumber items using random length or random width.

Sales: Sales staff can effectively manage each order from the sales quote to final delivery and invoicing. For competitive pricing, full sales history of each customer and pricing information (ie. price lists, history, effectivity dates, formulas), freight costs, discounts, costs of each order, and profit margins are readily available. The system also allows you to define sales taxes (including LPA) and create multiple location and multi-shipment orders with ease. In addition, integration with our Traffic Control module, labeling solution, and barcode technology all help streamline the fulfillment process.

Warehouse Management Solution: Warehouse Management system integrates with WoodPro InSight, to give you a complete picture of how your inventory flows. It provides the visibility for improving operational efficiency by enabling you to manage and automate your inventory control, shipping and receiving, customer order fulfillment process in warehouses and distribution centers. Warehouse Management is supported through industry standard hardware (Ruggedized PCS, Ruggedized Tablets, Handheld Scanning devices and Specialty Printers), as well as generic and customized applications.

Multiple Locations: To minimize expenses, users can access inventory from multiple locations including lumber and building materials reload centers, distribution centers, warehouses. Inventory can be shipped out to customers as needed by rail or truck, and forms can be faxed or e-mailed to any site. Random length/random width tally, as well as specified length products, are all supported. Lots and tags can be created to manage and keep track of the entry of block and piece tallies.

Purchasing: Materials Requirement Planning (Recommend to Purchase and Recommend to Produce) enable real-time generation of Purchase and Work Orders, balancing supply with demand and inventory policies. Purchases can be linked directly to accounts payable, making it easier to track your purchases and pay vendors once inventory is received. You can also receive multiple shipments against a purchase order or prepay a vendor for an order before it has been received.

Retail Point of Sale: The Point of Sale (POS) Module enables lumber and building materials (LBM) dealers, distributors and retailers handle transactions using barcode scanners and merchant debit and credit card terminals. The system accepts payments made by cash, on account, or by credit cards.

Customer Relationship Management: Insight’s Customer Service feature provides a centralized location with the information needed to ensure customer satisfaction. From here, you can simply retrieve customer contact information, create a new quote or sales order, track the status of an order, and look up sales history and receivables.

Remote Access: The system can be accessed using laptops, tablets, and smart phones (Windows, Android, and IOS) through a remote desktop connection. Sales, warehouse, and yard staff can utilize role-specific functions securely through their wireless devices. Some of these functions include quote generation, sales order entry, inventory inquiry, purchasing and receiving, and stock taking.

WoodPro Customers: Sherwood Lumber Inc. (NY), Timber Mart (AB), Seven D Wholesale (PA), Manion’s Wholesale Building Supplies Co. Inc. (WI) and Bateman Bros Lumber Co Inc. (NJ)