Today, the majority of Lumber and Building Products companies still transact in a very traditional manner, which involves lots of paperwork and can be expensive. It can be expensive because of the human resources used and direct costs for things like envelopes and stamps. With WoodPro’s e-Business Software Solutions, these traditional processes can be replaced without the need to invest in expensive or complex technologies. Lumber and building materials businesses can achieve the dual benefits of reducing costs and improving transaction speed. E-Business enables you to send and receive orders or invoices without having to send them by paper or manually re-enter such data into your WoodPro system. E-business is used in purchasing, order processing, order status verification, inventory management, customer database centralization, other information dissemination, production scheduling, and much more.

WoodPro InSight provides four solutions for your e-businesses requirements:

E-Mail/E-Fax: Communication to your customers and suppliers using our integrated e-mail and e-fax solutions remove the need to print or manually fax order acknowledgements, invoices, statements, purchase orders, etc.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Form documents that correspond to various business transactions (ie. sales orders, purchase orders, etc.) are instantly transmitted to other parties involved using EDI, XML and service-oriented architecture technologies.

E-Banking: Connects your WoodPro InSight accounts directly to your bank's Internet banking, which enables you to download statements, removing the need to manually re-enter information into disparate systems.

E-Commerce: WoodPro Software Inc. will work with any Lumber and Building Materials company's existing web provider to integrate into WoodPro Insight.

These software technologies gives lumber and building products enterprises the ability to improve coordination in sales, production, and distribution processes.