Independent consultants have concluded that WoodPro Software Inc. provides a superior customer ownership experience over our major competitors in the Lumber and Building Materials Industry because we offer the following:

- Simplification in deployment, training, licensing, upgrading and support through a single solution from a single source.
- More advanced and ubiquitous technological platform since it is based on a true Microsoft technologies solution, including operating system,
  database and programming language.
- Productivity increase in employees as users can utilize their existing MS Office skills to adopt our system.
- Superior ease of connectivity through a more flexible Microsoft technology platform.
- More open and cost effective electronic data interchange and document management system.
- Greater flexibility as a result of the technology platform and WoodPro's willingness to tailor the solution to the customer requirements.
- Greater control, resiliency and flexibility with WoodPro's Lifetime Support Policy - free upgrades to any version.
- Less costly licensing, implementation, training and support costs.
- Quicker and easier implementations.