WoodPro Cloud ERP Advantage

WoodPro provides cloud-based hosting services through Ace and Microsoft Azure hosting. We can also work with your provider and assist with the setup. Below are some advantages of cloud computing that involves operating WoodPro InSight ERP system in a cloud environment.

Reduce Operating Costs
Eliminate IT costs associated with on-site server hardware, applications, databases, and ongoing maintenance. Take advantage of the affordability and flexibility that a subscription to cloud services offers. As a result, reducing IT costs lowers operating expenses.

Real Time Information
Manage your sales, inventory, accounting, and production more effectively as employees can collaborate closely with real time data to make more informed decisions.

Business Growth
Easily scale the entire infrastructure to a size that best suits your company as business changes. 

Provides reliable security for businesses of all sizes. Your data is safe as the system tracks all activity. Monitoring, maintenance, updates, backups and restores are taken care of by the provider. Data is stored and synchronized across multiple sites.

Service Support
Support from our cloud experts can generally be done online, by phone or e-mail to address any concerns and issues that occur.