Like coding languages, the needs of programmers evolve over time. What was once revolutionary is now well, dated. Like that old Toyota Corolla on the neighbor's lawn, Visual Basic, C and C++ provided reliable transportation, but lack some of the features that people look for in modern programming languages.

Developers have wished there was a language that was easy to write, read, and maintain like Visual Basic, but provided the power and flexibility of C++. For those developers, the new C# language is here. In fact the .Net framework itself is written using C#. Microsoft has built this programming language with type-safety, garbage collection, simplified type declarations, versioning and scalability support, and lots of other features that make developing solutions faster and easier, especially for COM+ and Web Services. It is the best language from Microsoft for writing Windows-based programs for enterprise computing, and offers several other key benefits for programmers:

- Simplicity
- Consistency
- Modernity
- Object-Orientation
- Version Support
- Compatibility
- Flexibility

All of this translates to software that is consistent, interoperable and cutting edge, which making it easier to use and reduces the cost of writing and maintaining code. As a result, it frees up investment for innovations that drive new business value. Our team can spend more time adding value and productivity to your business.