LBM Software & Point of Sale System

Our LBM software, WoodPro InSight, enables lumber, building materials and hardware dealers, retailers, and distributors efficiently perform daily front office operations with the Point of Sale (POS) module. This module is fully integrated with our ERP back office system which includes Accounting, Inventory Management, Sales Order Processing, Reman, Purchasing, Production and Corporate Performance Management.

Point of Sale Transactions & Sales Orders: The POS module handles transactions such as point of sale transactions, counter sales, cash sales and on account sales that may involve special orders, made-to-order, call-off orders, and installed sales.

Inventory Control & Visibility: Custom, special order and non-stock items can be stored and looked up at multiple locations, branches, or warehouses. 

Customer Service Capabilities: Your staff can take orders, inquire about item availability, prices, purchase history and status of an order to provide exceptional service and support to customers to build customer relationships.

Scanners & Card Terminals: To facilitate faster and more accurate transactions, the system interfaces with barcode scanners and merchant debit and credit card terminals. It accepts payments made by cash, on account, or by credit cards. The touch screen, keyboard, and mouse interfaces are available for simplified use.

Downtime Minimization: Downtime is minimized when WoodPro’s standalone application continues to process transactions when the connection is lost due to hardware, database, and network/LAN/Wan connectivity problems. The application automatically synchronizes with the back-end database when the connection is regained.

Business Intelligence: WoodPro InSight’s Executive Summary module provides business intelligence information through the dashboard of Key Performance Indicators (KPI). InSight also works with flexible Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Tableau, Qlik Sense, and Power BI to deliver meaningful and up-to-date business reports and data visualizations. Combining these tools with our data warehouse services, raw data can be analyzed using dashboards and visual analytics to give you historical, current, and predictive views of your business operations. Being able to share findings, monitor progress of initiatives and discover opportunities will help you make better strategic decisions.

Transportation Scheduling: Inventory transfers, sales, and purchase orders are linked to the Daily Route Planning function, allowing you to organize shipments, trucks, and/or charge delivery costs for external freight companies to each transaction in one place. The system also interfaces with UPS Worldwide and other courier companies.

WoodPro Customers: Home Lumber(WI), Timber Mart (AB), & Summit Tools (BC)