WoodPro InSight uses information technology such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in conjunction with automated data collection and barcoding devices. Accurate information is captured and transmitted quickly to promote real-time collaboration among operations that involve shop floor, receiving, manufacturing, and warehousing. Lumber and building software functionalities allow data to be updated electronically from tally machines or handheld devices to help staff in warehouses and distribution save time and minimize errors. Users can tag, label and capture inventory and production movements with ease. Suppliers of compatible hardware include Symbol, Intermec, Motorola, Psion Teklogix, and more.

Mobile Clients: WoodPro Software technologies feature a WinCE / Pocket PC / CE.Net Graphical Mobile Client that supports RF (radio frequency) networked data collection.

Windows Desktop Client: It also features a Windows Desktop Client, which can be used to run our data collection applications on Windows PCs or Workstations throughout your network. A Touch Screen Desktop Client is also supported.

Ruggedized Tablets: Fully ruggedized tablets offer warehouse and distribution center operators the advantages of flexibility, wireless communications capability, touch screen controls, drop-down menus, bigger screen size, mobility, and processing power. They give mobility to workers in shipping and receiving, as well as managers who perform inventory audits or check inventory. Such devices can usually perform in various conditions: high and low temperature conditions, withstand free-fall drop, rain, and humidity.