cascade lumber

Cascade Lumber, Inc.

Corporate Office:
Camano Island, WA

Business Categories:
Lumber and Building Material Dealer

Number of Users: 18

“WoodPro's software was the best product for our business, providing a stable company, a proven product, and the customization we needed, at a reasonable price.”

About Cascade Lumber

Cascade Lumber, Inc. was established in 1985 to meet the lumber and building material needs of their community. They serve the Island, Snohomish, Skagit, King, and Whatcom counties. Whether your project is one house, many houses, or a home repair, their commitment is to provide the knowledge, service, and products you need to be successful.


We wanted to improve productivity through technology and needed to move from our old UNIX system to a Windows based system. Since we are not a wholesaler, distributor or straight retailer, the challenge was to find a software that would accommodate our business without having a completely custom product designed for us (out of our budget range), or having to dramatically alter an off-the-shelf product or the way we run our business. WoodPro's financial and inventory management system was the best product for our business. They are a stable company that provides a proven product, and does customizations we needed, at a reasonable price.

WoodPro Software demonstrated not only the willingness to work with us to customize the system to our needs, but they have been genuinely enthusiastic about it. From the beginning of our relationship, they asked good questions about how we do things and came up with solutions that fit into our routines. They have been collaborating with us to develop new strategies and solutions.

The software was modified to accommodate our specific POS/counter sales needs. During the month, contractors come in on a regular basis to pick up needed materials for various jobs. WoodPro designed a process where we could keep an on-going list of those items and bill the customer as needed or by the end of the month. Every invoice displays the details of who picked up, date, time, and items. Every job has a separate invoice. Since this process has been implemented, we have near zero questions about the pick-up items and it saves us time and paper.

A new system implementation is a challenging time for any company. WoodPro provided on-site support and continues to work with us on an on-going basis to solve problems and improve our business processes. We appreciate the personal service they provide. They are quick to respond and answers emails and phone calls in a timely manner. We know that when we have a need, there are caring and competent people to be there for us.

When the WoodPro team talks of being ‘partners’ with their customers, they mean it.

Molly B. Holzknecht
Cascade Lumber, Inc.