Sherwood Lumber Corp.

Corporate Office:
Melville, New York

Previous System:
Proprietary AS400 Solution +
PSI LumberTrack

Business Categories:
Wholesale Distributor
Office Wholesaler

Number of Users: 75

Number of Locations: 17

“WoodPro InSight gives us real-time control of each item across the supply chain, which maximizes our ability to meet customer demand and cut costs.”

Andy Goodman
President & CEO
Sherwood Lumber Corp.

A Growing Business Needed Robust Software for Visibility on a National Scale

Sherwood Lumber Corp. is a national Wholesale Lumber and Building Materials distributor to retail, industrial and construction companies. Sherwood was using a proprietary, heavily customized AS400 solution, while Bloch Lumber (acquired by Sherwood) was using Progressive Solution’s LumberTrack for a number of years. The option was to either upgrade the LumberTrack system, as their legacy AS400 solution had effectively reach the end of its development potential, or start afresh with a fully integrated solution that provides flexible, open-ended development, and growth potential that allows for future diversification in the Sherwood business model.

Following a competitive evaluation process with a number of possible suppliers, the chosen system was WoodPro InSight, a lumber and building materials business management solution, supplied and implemented by WoodPro Software Inc.

Tod Tibbetts, MIS director at Sherwood Lumber reported, “From a big picture perspective – first in choosing the application and vendor, we found the WoodPro team very helpful; they made themselves readily available to address our needs in a very methodical and thorough way. Once we made our decision to go with them, they were very helpful in helping us organize and manage the whole process.”

Josh Goodman, director of inventory management at Sherwood Lumber explains, “We wanted to improve our productivity and expand our product lines. We now have the flexibility of adding any type of product line, and providing better customer service with accurate and clear information.”

Left to right: Josh Goodman (Director of Inventory Management, Sherwood), Tod Tibbetts (MIS Director, Sherwood) &
David Goulet (Vice President of Sales & Marketing, WoodPro)

The WoodPro InSight business management solution has provided Sherwood with a solid foundation for supporting critical decisions at every level of the organization. Of special significance, is the full integration of all sites, which allows Sherwood to assess the level of inventory and manage client and supplier transaction processes and payments.

Don Schneidman, financial director of Sherwood Lumber states, "The ERP Business Management Software implementation project has impacted on all areas of our business. In a struggling economy we have been able to increase our business by over 25% over last year. There is no possible way that we could have taken advantages of the opportunities that presented themselves and the business we are doing today without going with WoodPro ERP System."

In addition, Andy Goodman, President & CEO states, “WoodPro InSight gives us real-time control of each item across the supply chain, which maximizes our ability to meet customer demands and cut costs.”

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