Additional WoodPro Customers


Tim-BR-Marts Ltd.

Calgary, AB

Wholesale & Retail Distributor of
Lumber & Building Materials
Buying Group
Home Center

Summit Tools
Burnaby, BC

Wholesale & Retail 
Distributor of Hardware & 
Building Materials

Holland Imports Inc.

Burnaby, BC

Importer and Wholesale Distributor of
Hardware, Tools &
Building Materials 

Home Lumber Home Center
Home Lumber Co.
Whitewater, WI

Retail Distributor of
Lumber, Hardware &
Building Materials

Sinclar Group Forest Products
Prince George, BC

Wholesale Distributor of
Lumber, Plywood, Millwork &
Wood Panels

Watkins Sawmills Ltd.

Mission, BC

Wholesale Distributor &
Manufacturer of 
Western Red Cedar
Roofing & Siding

deano hardwoods
Deano Hardwoods
Lafayette, LA

Wholesale Distributor of
Hardwood Lumber &

Belco Forest Products
Shelton, WA

Manufacturer & Distributor of
Exterior Building Products

Conrad Forest Products
North Bend, OR

Wholesale Distributor of
Lumber, Plywood & Millwork
Wood Preserver / Lumber Treater

Holbrook Lumber Company
Albany, NY

Wholesale Distributor of
Lumber & Building Materials
Wood Treaters

Craftsmen Hardwoods Logo
Craftsmen Hardwoods Inc.
Drayton, ON

Wholesaler of Hardwood, Softwood
Lumber, Plywood, Hardware
Adhesives & Edge Banding


Canadian Engineered
Wood Products

Sylvan, AB

Distributor of Lumber &
Panel Products

Eacan Timber Co. Ltd.
Waverly, NS

Wholesale Distributor of
Lumber, Plywood
Millwork & Wood Panels

Magnum Forest Products
Winnipeg, MB

Distributor of Softwood Lumber

Western Valley Cutstock Inc.
White City, OR

Millwork Manufacturer

TQG, Inc. (The Quality Group)
Beachwood, OH

Importers / Exporters
Distributor of Specialty Products
Window & Jamb
Extensions, Mouldings & Casings

Dateline Exports Inc.
Aurora, OR

Distributor of Hardware
Construction Materials
Wood Products, Metals
Concrete and Mansonry 
Doors & Finishing Materials

Riopel  (Division of Groupe Crete)
Chertsey, QC

Planing Mill